What is Nutripuncture®?​

NUTRIPUNCTURE is a remarkable modality that restores wellbeing and vitality. By focusing on the life energy within our cells and balancing and nourishing the meridians, Nutripuncture rapidly accelerates our innate self-healing abilities to overcome illness, relationship conflicts, and many other physical, emotional and mental stressors.

Working with the body’s energetic meridians like acupuncture and acupressure – but without needles or pressure points – Nutripuncture combines the wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine, Indian Ayurvedic medicine, organic biochemistry, the latest understanding of DNA and cellular nutrition.

Through our life experiences, we are exposed to numerous stimuli and stressors that affect the flow of information in our body and can disturb cell communication. Using mineral complexes to supply micro-currents of reinforcing energy to the body’s information pathways and organ systems, Nutripuncture acts directly on cellular communication and exchanges, thereby strengthening the circulation of information necessary for self-regulation of the body.

Nutripuncture is not a substitute for medical treatment. It balances the field by supporting cellular health and nourishing the vital currents. In this way, it enhances the effectiveness of all health therapies.

Made of energetically potentialised mineral compounds, the main tools of Nutripuncture are called Nutriments and come numbered from 01 to 38 with each relating to a specific vital current of the body

By regulating the information that controls every cell function, Nutripuncture restores, enhances and protects a person’s health and can help if you:

– are looking for pain & stress management
– suffer with chronic conditions
– want to improve your physical & psychological well-being
– have some relationship issues
– want more energy & vitality
– suffer from sleep disorders
– have allergies and skin conditions
– would like to boost your sports performance & recovery
– are looking for a holistic approach to personal development
– want to increase your health and wellness naturally

Sessions are offered in-person and via Zoom or video call, offering increased accessibility and flexibility during travel restrictions.

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NUTRIPUNCTURE works for all stages of life and is applied specifically to your individual needs.

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