Would you like to feel more alive, joyful and energetic? Do you ever feel stuck on repeat, like there's nothing you can do to positively change your life or help the ones you love?

Many people feel confined by past traumas & hurtful relationships and are overwhelmed adjusting to unexpected life changes. Isolation, social stigmas and a lack of empowering information create obstacles that often make the experience of struggling with negative emotions, distressing mental states, acute stress, physical pain or chronic illness much harder to navigate. If you’d like to overcome those obstacles naturally, you absolutely can.

Welcome to Wise Healthy Beings. Drawn by a love of nature and a quest for wholeness, our practitioners have been students of philosophy, neuropsychology, nutrition, trauma recovery and natural healing for over 20 years. Based in South East Queensland, between us we are practitioners of Biofield TuningHolographic Kinetics, Emotional Freedom Technique, and one of the few certified practitioners of the French modality Nutripuncture based in Australia. We bring an informed, reflective, results-based focus to our work and a non-judgemental, heart-centered approach to our clients.

Whether it be to address a specific issue or to simply improve your  sense of presence and balance, by applying knowledge of universal laws, bioenergetics and cellular function, we will access and address the physical and metaphysical causes of experience, empowering and supporting you to step out of your greatest limitations and into your greatest possibilities.

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If you'd like effective support to cultivate higher energy levels, resolve past hurts, improve your relationships and holistically approach your personal development, call and
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We believe in preserving interpersonal connection in the digital age so please contact us directly for appointment bookings and enquiries.

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